How It Works

  • 01
    Easy to Fill Out Form

    This takes a minute or two to fill out and gives us the info needed to complete your smile score. You can also express concerns and what kind of treatments you prefer.

  • 02
    Snap a Pic

    You’ll take 7 different pictures to show us your teeth. The prompt includes examples so you will know how it should look. These are vital to us having the correct info to calculate your score.

  • 03
    Click & Submit

    After you load the pictures, there will be a few more questions about what kind of treatments you think would be best for you and other general questions. Now you can click submit, and you’re done.

  • 04
    Wait a Little

    Once you’ve submitted everything, you’ll receive your smile score within 24-48 hours. This allows our staff time to review pictures and answers and prepare your score.

Why Get a Smile Evaluation?

  • No need to actually visit the dentist
  • Quick and easy to fill out (less than 10 minutes of work)
  • Get a customized plan from a real dentist
  • No money is required to get your plan
  • Tailored program to your budget, needs, and desires.

Frequently Asked Question


Your smile evaluation is free of charge.

You can do a smile evaluation for anyone in the family. However, it may be too early for some family members to have braces or aligners.

You’ll get a rating from 10% (heavy treatment needed) to 100%(little to no treatment needed), as well as notes from the doctor on what would be included in your plan. You will also get an invitation to come in for your custom treatment.

Regular exams on your teeth help spot trouble early to prevent more extensive and costly treatments later. This is also a great way to determine what can be done to help get your dream smile.